Expert Services

At Equitas Consulting, we provide independent expert determination and opinion on international construction and engineering disputes. We aim to develop efficient, practical solutions as well as robust delay and cost/quantum analysis, and present conclusions in a clear, concise and objective manner relied upon by the courts, corporations or arbitral tribunals to decide on difficult matters.

With international arbitration becoming a dominant form of dispute resolution in the global construction industry, success requires a detailed working knowledge of various cases under different jurisdictions. To that extent Equitas Consulting has an unmatched case experience in international arbitration. We have participated in numerous international arbitration cases under ICC, DIAC, UNCITRAL, LCIA and ITOTAM and helped resolve disputes concerning projects in the Middle East, Europe, the CIS and Russia, and the UAE.

Cost & Quantum

We provide expert evidence on matters relating to measurement issues, the valuation of additional and omitted works, disruption and prolongation, termination of contracts, financial claims made under a contract or at common law that are to be resolved through arbitration or litigation.


Equitas Consulting has a dedicated team of consultants with experience in construction methodology and planning techniques, together with their expertise in using the latest planning software that enable them to analyse the most complex delays.

The consultants work closely with our experts to provide clear, independent and impartial expert analysis and advice on construction disputes related to time.

Our experts have been appointed as delay expert witnesses and given evidence in international arbitration in many jurisdictions.